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What Does the Future Hold for You?

Would you like to make your life more successful and enjoyable, as well as liberate your hidden potentials and explore the amazing possibilities you have within you?

‘Being in Heaven' is unlike any other film. It is a transformational experience. Even though a fascinating story, you also discover it is something that can show you how to make rapid and brilliant improvements in every area of your life in practical and simple ways.

Use this special and unique film event to reposition yourself for a more fulfilling and deeper experience of living.

Now is the time, you are the person and here is your opportunity.

How to Create Your Life

Your future can be something that is either a repeat of the past, or something you sculpt and fashion to your own design. Once you know how to do it, it is easy, no more complicated than driving a car.

Jason Masterman (Daniel Whyte) wanted to know. He finds himself, for the first time in his life, facing the possibility of real change after losing everything.

Imagine being able to sit in on a brilliant dinner conversation, with Jason and a man (Michael Domeyko Rowland) who has spent his life teaching hundreds of thousands of people how to improve their lives.

Watch as he frees Jason from the web of his past and shows him the way to an extraordinary future. Not through philosophy, or beliefs, or fantasy, but through the application of easy and natural steps, and the developing of a new understanding of the innate yet rarely used powers of a human being.

‘Being in Heaven' is such an experience.

Like Jason, you have far more talents and abilities within you than you ever possibly imagined. Now is the time to release them and allow yourself to live to the fullest expression of your being.

Everyone knows, deep down, that there must be more to life. How can we feel more happiness and fulfilment? Is there something that we should know but is hidden from us, some key we need to find to unlock the mysteries of true success? What if there was a way to awaken the heart and experience real love in our relationships? How do I find my true purpose?

The answer to these perennial questions are know to a few.

Now you can join them.

This is a unique opportunity that rarely appears in anyone's life. Now you can join in and become aware of this priceless information and apply it to your own life.

It is also a film for those who want to discover what is the highest and most fulfilling experience a human being can have.

As many people have already found this is a multi-layered film you will want to see again and again, so it can reveal to you the knowledge that is imparted through its story.

Prepare to be stimulated and amazed!

                           Your Free Gift - A Companion Book:

Michael has written an book entitled ‘The Real Law of Attraction', which explains how it is that you attract the experiences you do into your life, as well as how to improve them.

We all create our lives by the choices we make. Our choices mainly come from our subconscious minds, based on our conditioning. If you would like to know the secrets of how to change anything, take up real personal development and so move your life forward, then this book will help you greatly.

Once you have paid for your cinema ticket for ‘Being in Heaven', go to the yellow box on the right hand side of this page, enter your ticket number or cinema, then you can download it immediately as an ebook. It's absolutely FREE and our way of thanking you for seeing ‘Being in Heaven'.

Title: Being In Heaven - Rating: G

To Be Advised


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Audience Reactions

I thought the film was wonderful, very inspirational, humorous and informative.

 Steve Connolly

My husband and I both thought the movie was really fantastic. You were able to hold the audience spellbound for the whole 90 minutes.
 Elly Wilson

 It's a powerful film that really gets people talking. We both very much enjoyed it and were totally absorbed.
 Richard Weeks

 Michael Rowland expresses himself so well that I found myself hardly breathing so as not to miss the next words. The audience is also left with tools enabling us to let go of the recurring patterns and really make changes
 Karen Sheiles

 I was fascinated by the whole film and the way it was presented. It contained all the essential ingredients for the true path to success. Well written, well acted, clear dialogue, logical explanations and practical applications. It has definitely had a great effect on me
 Keith McDermott

I have seen “Being in Heaven” 4 times and every time when I watch it I feel I want to watch it again! There is SO much to learn from this very interesting movie about how we can change and improve our life! Truly inspiring, insightful and a MUST SEE movie!!"

Manon de Jongh

Your Free Gift -
A Companion Book

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Comments from the Byron Bay Premiere sold out screening

 "This is a must see film that will give you the tools to transform your life.”

“If you want to change your life, watch this movie!”

“Inspiring! Very clear and thorough explanation of important issues told in an enjoyable riveting way.”

“Simply inspirational”

“Explains simply the steps to take to create anything you want in your life”

“This film is a course to enlightenment”

“Like ‘The Secret’ but much, much better. More real and honest, down to earth and less Hollywood”

“A wonderful film about how life is, and how it could be.”

“A very clever film, presenting universal truths in a practical way”

“I felt refreshed and awakened”